Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Crystal Building Maintenance offers a complete range of professional cleaning services for businesses, offices, and restaurants. We specialize in offering custom janitorial and cleaning service packages to meet the varied needs of our customers. Our experienced, insured janitorial and cleaning staff is available 24 hours a day.


Quality Control;

Crystal Building Maintenance provides its staff with training programs and seminars sponsored by BOMA, BSCAI, OSHA and equipment and chemical manufacturers. We are continually updating procedures, equipment and chemicals, as more advanced methods are created. It is our practice to implement seasoned professionals on all new jobs. We place workers from current jobs, (Trainers), on new job sites to work, help train and supervise the staff.


An experienced supervisor oversees the job site, following a daily work schedule created from the specifications, and reports to the Area Manager who reports to the Director Of Operations. A Customer Relations/Quality Assurance Inspector will visit the building and meet with the facility manager during office hours, and report any findings or comments to the Area Manager and Job Supervisor.                                                                                          

We devote a substantial amount of time and money properly training our staff to insure that the job is completed to your satisfaction, THE FIRST TIME !


We devote more “Man Hours” to cleaning your facility than most other companies.


We are continually performing on the job training and updating our equipment and procedures with new techniques, demonstrated by our janitorial and equipment suppliers and industry training programs. We are continually striving to improve upon our success by educating our workers by seasoned professionals in the janitorial service industry.



New job set-up and ongoing cleaning procedures:


1. Once a contract is agreed upon, the Director Of Operations prepares a list and purchases all equipment and supplies required. Arrangements are made with the Area Manager to coordinate delivery and storage of the materials.


2. The Director Of Operations coordinates with the Area Manager for the selection of the supervisors and staff for the specific job.


3. Seasoned Trainers are assigned to the job to assure proper procedures are followed by any and all new staff.


4. A schedule of work procedures is created for the job and the Area Manager and job Supervisor assign work assignments and responsibilities to the crew.


5. A schedule of other than daily assignments (i.e.: carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, window cleaning, etc.) is scheduled to be performed by separate crews specializing in these areas.


6. Every day of service, the job Supervisor and crew report in for work, orders supplies and reports any problems or concerns on the job. If a member of the crew is ill, the supervisor notifies our office and a substitute worker is placed.


7. A Quality Assurance Inspector is assigned to the account and visits during office hours to meet with an office manager and perform a quality control inspection.


8. The Quality Assurance Inspector reviews the results of the inspection with the Area Manager and job Supervisor. All concerns are addressed and corrected by the supervisor and crew. A follow-up visit by the Quality Assurance Inspector is made to insure that the concerns were corrected.

Crystal Building Maintenance General policies:                                                   


1.CBM goes to great efforts to hire quality workers with experience in the janitorial service industry. We do a background check on all candidates that fit our profile, which includes, dependable, English speaking, family-oriented, responsible, experienced and dedicated people with good references. We also compensate our worker’s with some of the highest rates in the industry.


2. All workers are trained by seasoned professionals and are checked out thoroughly for the proper use of supplies and equipment.


3. All workers are instructed on the correct conduct, dress code, honesty and working procedures expected by our company.


4. All workers must check-in to work on a daily basis and give sufficient notice in the event of an absence. A substitute worker is then placed on the job.


5. All workers and supervisors are responsible for securing the premises and reporting any concerns.

The job Supervisor does a final inspection of the daily work performed and checks lights out, doors locked and alarm set.



Quality Assurance Process:



Cleaning Services:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Building Cleaning
  • Medical Sanitary Cleaning
  • Health Club Cleaning
  • Restuarant Cleaning
  • School Cleaning
  • Religious Orginazations
  • Theater Cleaning
  • HOA Cleaning
  • Condo Association Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning