Since 1979, Crystal Building Maintenance has provided professional sanitary cleaning and building maintenance to its customers.  Our team has been providing commercial cleaning and janitorial services for over 25 years in Palm Beach County.  Crystal Building Maintenance services buildings, offices, banks, medical facilities, municipalities, country clubs, condo/HOA associations, schools, restaurants, theaters, industrial businesses, retail stores and all large and small businesses.


While many companies base their fees on the square footage of buildings or office space, our fees are based upon a developed quoting program using a time study analysis.  This method takes into account the amount of time and man power needed to successfully complete our work. Because of this, we are able to provide top quality work at a very cost efficient rate.


Experienced and Trained Team


As a trusted professional service provider in the cleaning industry, Crystal Building Maintenance provides constant training to our experienced staff to better utilize the advanced cleaning equipment, tools and chemicals made today. We also offer environmentally green cleaning chemicals and techniques if requested.


Crystal Building Maintenance provides personal customer care contact to ensure your satisfaction with our work.  An experienced supervisor oversees the job site following a daily work schedule.  A Customer Relations/Quality Assurance Inspector visits each job site to meet with the facility manager during office hours to ensure that expectations are met or exceeded as well as to address and correct any issues.  We devote a substantial amount of time and money to train our staff to provide top quality cleaning and maintenance that is second to none!


And remember…….


 We Make It Easy to Keep It Clean!!

Crystal Building Maintenance believes in superior services for their clients.  Therefore we provide top quality cleaning services to commercial building and office space clients.  Below are some of the details of our janitorial and maintenance services.  For a more detailed proposal that meets your needs, please call one of our experienced representatives at (561) 684-5652.


If you wish to learn more about how Crystal Building Maintenance can provide quality commercial  janitorial services to your business or facility, than call 561-684-5652 for a free quote.